Gas Detection & Respiratory, LLC

"Safe Air Specialists"

About Us

For over 25 years we have been serving the petroleum, manufacturing, commercial, and firefighting industry. We decided from our inception that we were going to be a different kind of safety company.

Most manufacturers of gas detection and respiratory protection products sell through large safety or mill supply houses. These distributors have multiple product lines and hundreds, if not thousands of items for their sales people to master. That is a daunting task that requires years to really get good at assisting customers in a specialized and experienced manner.

Rather than become somewhat good in many areas we decided to become highly specialized in the gas detection and respiratory protection field. This is what we have done for 25 years. We don’t sell commodity safety products.



When you contact Gas Detection & Respiratory, LLC, I will personally assist you. I will work with you and your special applications to give you my very best advice and recommendations for the Right Equipment… the FIRST TIME! Both of these areas of safety are critically important and potentially deadly.

Fortunately, we represent the world’s very best product manufacturer in these two areas. We have represented Draeger Safety for 25 years because they are Number 1 in the World. No other manufacturer can match, much less surpass Draeger’s performance in the area of gas detection or respiratory protection products. We have many customers who had experienced that for themselves. Extremely high quality products, at competitive prices, are what we provide to our many long term customers and that is what we want to provide to you.

Our Guiding Principles at Gas Detection & Respiratory, Inc.:


We believe that safety is paramount; therefore we sell only the highest quality products and educate clients on proper safe operation.

Customer Service

We recognize that customers are the only reason we exist; therefore we work hard to build relationships with clients by actively listening to your needs, understanding your expectations, delivering top-notch customer service, and showing our appreciation for your business.

Commitment and Accountability

We know you want a supplier committed to your success; therefore we pledge to provide solutions and take responsibility for delivering what we promise.


We value integrity; therefore we will always be fair, respect confidentiality, ensure honesty, and do the right thing.

Our Vision:
We want to earn your loyalty.